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UK, Chinese firms ideal partners on Belt and Road Initiative
2019-07-04 11:16:53

Firms from China and the UK are ideal partners in many countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, a China-Britain Business Council official said in Beijing.

"The UK has taken a very positive view on seizing these opportunities for UK businesses, particularly our banks, our large consultancy firms and our infrastructure companies," said Jeff Astle, managing director of China operations at the council.

British expertise in areas of financial services, banking, legal services, consulting services around engineering provides a broad range of opportunities for UK firms to collaborate with Chinese firms in other countries, Astle said.

"We benefit from many English legal jurisdictions in many of these countries, the English language and our businesses have long history and experiences in these countries. That means we are a great ideal partner for Chinese firms in many of these Belt and Road counties," said Astle.

Having watched and researched the Belt and Road Initiative for a very long time, Astle has identified many opportunities provided by the BRI and some great projects are already successfully being implemented with Chinese partners.

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